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Announcing my  LAST EVER  Millionaires’ Summit

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to attend this amazing 3-Day Life Changing Event!

Albert Lowry HeadshotDear Future Millionaire,

Dr. Al Lowry, known in real estate investment circles as “The Godfather of Creative Real Estate,” is extending a very special limited invitation to you. Al has been working for years to instruct and coach thousands of students to achieve financial freedom.

In this special event, Dr. Lowry, plus several other members of an elite Financial Freedom Team will come together to teach a handful of people who want to achieve independent wealth.

Since it will be the last one, I am making it truly special. I have so much to teach and reveal to you at this event, you cannot help but …

Learn how to make $20,000 Cash in the next 60 days!

YES, you can still make big money — especially now! Wealthy people are not any smarter than you. They just use a simple system to create wealth.


At this exciting event you will learn:

1363749564_Button Blue CheckHow to buy 3-5 houses a month on your own, or 10-15 using a team.

1363749564_Button Blue CheckHow to make a confident, accurate offer before getting off the first phone call.

1363749564_Button Blue CheckHow to create a short list of pre-qualified cash buyers so you don’t waste time.

1363749564_Button Blue CheckHow to buy properties at 25-35% of the listing price.

1363749564_Button Blue CheckThe problems with traditional investing and how to totally eliminate them!

1363749564_Button Blue CheckHow to get the seller/realtor to do the work to sell your properties for FREE!

1363749564_Button Blue CheckHow you can make more money per house retailing to owner occupants than in any other type of investing.

1363749564_Button Blue CheckWho your buyers are and why they will fight to get you to sell them a house!



Everyone who attends will receive several free gifts!

You will receive lots of exclusive educational gifts just for attending and be entered in several drawings for valuable door prizes every day!

Learn To Put a Deal Together Starting from Scratch!

Learn Step by Step how you too can start living your life with FINANCIAL FREEDOM. We’ll start with the basics of property finding. This is a major eye opener! Most people could never imagine so many methods of finding great deals.

We’ll Teach You How To Become a SUPER-INVESTOR!

Then we’ll take you into the ADVANCED TECHNIQUES of finding property, that only seasoned professionals know about. You’ll be using these methods right from the start to hold or to flip for big profits. Next, you’ll learn exactly how much to offer for a property so you know you have a bargain.

This special training is designed to HELP YOU PROFIT in good times or bad! We’ll provide you with detailed instructions that give you the KNOWLEDGE and ABILITY to buy houses the right way, do quick repairs and then sell them for BIG profits!

Never Waste Your Time on Making an Offer That Won’t Make You Money!

In this intensive PROFESSIONAL TRAINING you’ll learn to take it one step further. You’ll request–and many times receive–an additional discount on the purchase price, simply because you asked. But you must know exactly how to ask. That is the secret! Once you know this, the sky is the limit!

You Can Make THOUSANDS IN CASH Every Time You Make a Deal!

To get started investing, you need to find the money. This is sometimes the most creative part. This is also where we spend a great deal of time teaching you how to get the money regardless of your financial situation. Every deal needs financing. The right financing makes you rich, the wrong financing kills the deal. You’ll learn how to FINANCE THE RIGHT WAY. After our hands-on training, you will have an arsenal filled with super strategies on how to tie up a property and flip it for a profit without ever spending a dime of your own money!

Master Insider Techniques to Fix and Flip Quickly and Cheaply!

You’ll learn how to architecturally or cosmetically repair a home to get the biggest return on your money. The ART AND SCIENCE OF MAKING A HOUSE BEAUTIFUL can be taught, and you will learn everything in only a fraction of the time it would take if you tried it on your own, house by house, in the field. Learn to add value to a house, not just make basic repairs, and you’ll make your property worth far more than others in the neighborhood.

Then, you’ll learn how to sell or “flip” a deal, using PROVEN METHODS TO GET THE HIGHEST PRICE for your house. This is where knowing how to get the most for the house and how to save on costs (especially closing costs) will add up to thousands of extra dollars for you and your family to buy cars, dream vacations, homes, and top-quality education.


You may just want to do a deal here and a deal there. If you do this, you may only make a little $20,000 profit on this house and a little $25,000 profit on that house. I guess that wouldn’t be so bad… You could use an extra $20,000 and $25,000, couldn’t you? But, of course, you might get really excited about this easy business and do 5 or 10, or even 25 to 50 deals. Remember, once you know how to fix and flip properties, you have a way of making big money that will give you FINANCIAL FREEDOM! How would that change your life? Could you finally say goodbye to your boss?

You Can Do It !

I assure you, YOU CAN DO THIS! Every important step to being a success in this business is provided to you. You truly will have the knowledge of a Professional Investor.

Don’t miss this Once-In A-Lifetime Event! Your Financial Freedom is just around the corner. 


About Dr. Albert Lowry

Albert Lowry HeadshotDr. Albert Lowry is today’s top authority on real estate investing despite starting out with nothing. That is, nothing except a strong desire to succeed, lots of common sense, and willingness to work for his dream. Al spent his childhood in orphanages and foster homes, then as he worked in a variety of jobs ranging from sheet metal laborer to butcher, he realized how much he wanted financial independence.

Al got his real estate license and began to sell property. He was a fast learner and quickly realized that creative financing would enable him to purchase properties with no money down. He was soon buying duplexes and triplexes, and doing the routine maintenance himself to maximize profitability. He continued buying properties and expanded his methods to include leveraging, rehabilitating, and exchanging his investments.

Using these principles, plus lots of trial and error, Al figured out exactly what works and used this to create the concepts and techniques that are the heart of the famous “Lowry Formula.”

Along the way, in addition to acquiring street smarts, Al continued his formal education. Today, Al is Dr. Albert Lowry. Aside from earning his Ph.D. in Business Administration, Dr. Lowry has written and published over 20 books. His first, How You Can Become Financially Independent by Investing in Real Estate, earned the distinguished Best Sellers List of the New York Times for three consecutive years. As a result of earning many professional real estate designations, Dr. Lowry was hand-picked to teach the very first Master’s Degree Program in Real Estate. Al Lowry was named to the Academy of American Exchangers Hall of Fame, which is considered the highest single honor accorded any individual engaged in real estate.

Dr. Lowry now had financial security, peer recognition, and an ever-growing multi-million dollar real estate portfolio. The next major step in his career was to begin sharing his knowledge and good fortune.  Dr. Lowry began holding real estate investment seminars in major cities worldwide, where he has been influential in teaching his methods to real estate professionals, famous millionaires, renowned experts, and everyday people.

Despite these major achievements and honors, Dr. Albert Lowry is still just down-to-earth Al, who remembers clearly what it’s like to work hard for a living and dream every day of wanting something more. He loves helping people and will often personally call those who need some guidance and good advice.

You can see for yourself right now why Al is the “Experts’ Expert” and learn his key wealth creation techniques, in a set of free videos. Just enter your name and email address below to get the first one sent directly to your inbox now.

Al has a strong desire to see motivated, hardworking people like you succeed. Because of this, he counts as one of his proudest accomplishments having already shown more than 350,000 men and women in his Real Estate Investors Training Program how to become financially independent and start living the lives they had wished for. You can be next!


Event Details

Millionaire's Summit Location Details

Four Points Sheraton

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

April 27th, 28th & 29th, 2018

Class starts at 8:00 am

Four Points Sheraton
9750 Airport Blvd.
Los Angeles, California 90045

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